Chris Gampat’s Creative and Humorous Photographic Homage to the Joys of Pizza

All photos ©Chris Gampat

New Yorker Chris Gampat calls himself a “Headshot Photographer” although his 10 years in the business also includes photojournalism, fashion and wedding photography in addition to portraiture. He’s also a creative, funny guy as you can see in these images from his series ‘The Secret Order of the Slice.”

The idea for this project came to Gampat as he and some friends were sitting around eating pizza while watching the animated TV series "Adventure Time” on the Cartoon Network. In a moment of inspiration, he thought, “What if I opened the pizza box and put a light inside?”

Gampat says this eureka moment launched a yearlong series of sketches and refinements before he was ready to start shooting images of friends and clients who love pizza. The idea was simple: “As they open their special packages, an omnipotent light and the sound of angels seems to emanate from the special square box they uncrate.”

Ever effusive regarding his cravings for pizza, Gampat adds, “This work is an ode to the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, and a special love letter to the glorious nourishment we call pizza.” As someone who feels the same way about boiled crawfish, I know exactly where Gampat is coming from.

You can see more of Gampat’s work on his website, but you should probably call in your order before doing so.