Basic Flash Photography Made Easy (VIDEO)

Something interesting happens when it comes to using our photo gear. On the one hand, most photographers calmly and eagerly familiarize themselves with everything their camera can do. But when it’s time to learn even the most basic flash techniques, fear often sets in.

Flash phobia is unfortunate, because whether we’re talking about using a simple on-camera speedlight, or a single strobe on a stand in a home studio, a bit of supplemental light can dramatically improve an image.

Maybe you want to use a flash outdoors to fill in some shadows, or help stop motion and brighten up a macro shot. Or, as in the case of this helpful tutorial, perhaps your goal is to give portraits a more professional look. Fortunately, if you’re afflicted with a fear of flash there’s a simple cure. Just watch the comprehensive lesson below.

This tutorial is longer than most, so you’ll want to have paper and pen handy to take a few notes. But we guarantee that once you’re done, you’ll feel like you just took a free masterclass in flash photography. And you’ll feel more confident than ever when using supplemental light.

In this behind-the-scenes episode from AdoramaTV, pro Daniel Norton covers everything you need to know while shooting portraits in his New York studio with a very simple setup. In addition to being an experienced shooter and creative director, Norton is a popular instructor and he knows how to make everything easy to understand.

The techniques Norton demonstrates are easy to replicate in a home studio, and he explains how to take control of your environment. After an introduction to the basics of flash, he covers several key topics including exposure, camera and flash settings, important methods for shaping light, and more.

While watching Norton work you’ll also pick up valuable tips on directing a model, along with simple poses you can have your subject try. So trust us and set aside time to watch this detailed lighting tutorial, and you’ll feel like an entirely new photographer when you’re finished.

You can find more helpful videos on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel, so be sure and take a look. And check out the portrait tutorial we posted from another pro, demonstrating how to shoot vintage-style lingerie photos with a high fashion look.