Here Are 9 Awesome Photography Lighting Hacks in Just 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

Light the way to better photos with the below video from Run N Gun that shows you 9 awesome lighting hacks for photography in just 90 seconds. The lighting tricks can be applied to portrait photos or any sort of scene or setting where you want to add drama or creative luminance.

"Light is the key to all photography -- as you know, without light, there is no image," Run N Gun says. "One skill that separates beginner photographers from the professionals is the ability to see light.

"How you choose to light portraits says a lot about the subject and the photographer. Portrait lighting conveys the mood, scene, time and the over-all feeling of the image. To be a master of light and take amazing portraits, study light and how it interacts with your subject and scene. Using some of the photography light hacks in this 90 second run and gun tutorial, you can begin to see light and how it can be manipulated to tell your story. I've spent the last week gathering materials that you can find around your home or buy for roughly $10 to hack your photography light. You can use almost any light to recreate these hacks including: speedlights, Strobes, Flashlights even your Phone."

Here are the nine lighting hacks demonstrated in the video:

#1 Mouth Wash

#2 Paper Towel Roll

#3 Plastic Bag

#4 Prism

#5 Placemat

#6 Fur (Fake)

#7 Bag of Water

#8 Pasta Strainer

#9 Post-It Notes

Watch the quick, easy and enlightening tutorial below and then go visit Run N Gun for more great videos.

Via ISO 1200