Here Are 13 Fast and Easy Lighting Setups with Just One Light (VIDEO)

If you think studio lighting is too difficult or challenging, you’re wrong. In the quick and easy lighting how-to video below from photographer Brett Seeley, he shows you how you can do 13 eye-catching lighting setups with just one light.

“In this video, I show you the behind the scenes (BTS) of a photoshoot using only one single light,” Seeley says. “You'll see a single strobe being used in different positions, and you'll see the unedited images from each light setup as well. This isn't filled with a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, as I'm not a technical shooter. I learn best from seeing, then doing.”

Sounds like our kind of guy for lighting tutorials. Here are the 13 ways that Seeley lights model Kayla Pham in the below photography how-to video:

#1 45 Degree

#2 Short Side – 45 Degree

#3 Short Side – Lowered

#4 Overhead

#5 Soft Bounce – Backlit

#6 Gridded

#7 Gridded – Off Wall

#8 Gridded – Underlighting

#9 Gridded – Side Lighting

#10 Harsh Bare Bulb

#11 Bounce – Side Lit

#12 Bounce – Front Lit

#13 Bounce – Back Lit

We could see the lighting set-ups being used for anything from portrait to fashion to boudoir photography. So check them out in the below video and then go visit Seeley’s YouTube channel where he just recently started sharing photography videos.

Via ISO 1200