5 Easy Boudoir Poses with Simple Set-Ups: No Bed Required! (VIDEO)

Sometimes simpler is better. Sometimes it's simply essential. Boudoir photographer Yuliya Panchenko learned this lesson early on in her career when she had limited resources to work with.

"When I started my boudoir photography, I didn't have much furniture to play with," Panchenko says. "I thought I can't photograph boudoir if I don't have a bed. Later, I learned that the beauty of boudoir photography comes from the proper posing. Aim for the triangles!"

In the below video, Panchenko shares five boudoir poses she says every client will love, and you don't need elaborate set-ups or ornate furniture to produce them. All it takes is creating some eye-catching poses that accentuate the beauty of your subject. Remember the magic word: triangles.

Here are the five easy boudoir poses she demonstrates with her model Janine.

#1 By the Wall

#2 At the Window

#3 Sitting on the Floor

#4 Lying Down

#5 Sideways

If you want to learn more easy boudoir tricks, check out this video with nine must-know tips for better boudoir photography, and this beginner's guide to boudoir. You should also, of course, visit Panchenko's YouTube channel to view all her great wedding and boudoir content.

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