Sensuous Boudoir Photos Made Easy: A Simple Setup at Home (VIDEO)

Many photographers would like to shoot boudoir photos of their spouse or significant other, but don't own a studio with expensive lighting gear. And even if they borrowed all the "required" accoutrements, they wouldn't know where to start.

This tutorial from an internationally acclaimed pro is designed to mitigate this beginner challenge by demonstrating how to create a makeshift "studio" in your living room and capture exquisite, intimate portraits without high-end equipment.

Yuliya Panchenko is an internationally recognized specialist based in Orlando, FL who regularly shares how-to videos on all styles of boudoir photography for experienced photographers and novices alike.  This episode falls into the latter category and covers everything needed to get started, from the best way to set up a small space, posing tips, and a variety of shooting techniques.

You'll also learn how a few simple props and creative adjustments to camera settings can unlock the powers of ambient light and lead to breathtaking results. Panchenko's living room is full of muted neutral tones so she adds a few vibrant throw pillows for a much-needed dash of contrast and color. She also modifies the setting by removing a large TV hanging above her fireplace and replacing it with more appropriate decorations.

Rearranging furniture can also contribute to a more professional look, and you'll see how careful positioned lamps, combined with window light, is all the illumination your need to create soft, inviting, and flattering results. Panchenko also demonstrates how the addition pf just one softbox can improve things even further.

Panchenko is shooting with a full-frame DSLR and a 15mm ultra-wide lens, and you'll see how she configures this gear. The session begins when her beautiful model arrives and they collaborate on a variety of alluring poses in three different spots: On the couch, in front of the fireplace, and in chairs near a bright window.

If you're new to this game it's likely your subject will be too, and it's important to make her feel at ease by offering both encouragement and subtle direction. As you'll see, Panchenko does this even when working with experienced models, so pay close attention and follow her lead.

After your maiden voyage head over to Panchenko's instructional YouTube channel with its 150K subscribers where you'll find more beginners tips and tricks to elevate you boudoir photography skills. Then once you're ready you can move on to more advanced videos.

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