Watch These Tourists Run in Fright as Crocodile "Snaps" During Group Photo (VIDEO)

Don't ever turn you back on a crocodile! That's what a set of tourists learned during a group photo at a safari park in Australia. The six ladies thought they were posing for a fun group shot in front of a motionless crocodile when the giant green beast suddenly "snapped" at the last second.

As you'll see in the video below, the scare was really just a prank by a member of the park's staff who threw a piece of meat into the open mouth of "Tripod," a three-legged crocodile at the Top End Safari Camp, during the photo. Watch the gals go running in fright as Tripod's jaws snap shut behind them.

"According to one of the workers at the safari, most animals are quite gentle, which is why they allow people to pose for photos,"ABC7NY News reported.

Ok, we'll just take their word for it!