These Are the 5 WORST Types of Photographers (VIDEO)

Here's a fun, funny and, to be perfectly honest, very accurate takedown of some of the worst types of photographers out there. In the below video, Hawaii-based pro Brett Seeley enlists the help of some of his friends to demonstrate these terrible photographers and to show what makes them so bad.

But first to clarify: these guys don't, necessarily, lack skill as photographers. They're simply horrible human beings, in particular the way they interact with models who might be posing for fitness and boudoir shoots in revealing outfits.

In a word, these guys are creeps and the message of the video is don't be a creepy photographer because it's gross and may give other photographers a bad reputation.

"Have you ever experienced a photographer like these? Are you a photographer like these?" Seeley asks. "If so, there's hope for you: 1. Stop being so creepy 2. Be open to the fact that you may unintentionally be creepy. If you're not a creepy type, then small tweaks can make you less creepy."

Here are the five worst types of photographers demonstrated in a simulated lingerie shoot with model Shiane

#1 Charlie Chaplin

#2 The Pick-up Artist

#3 Fingers Magee

#4 Mr. Famous

#5 Personal Space Invader

So, do you recognize any of these guys? Or a better question: are you one of these guys? We hope not but before you get offended, keep in mind that this video was created by Seeley mainly for humorous purposes.

You can see how much fun they're all having in the clip impersonating these creeps. If you want more fun, visit Seeley's channel. And if you want to see the flipside of this video, watch this one with the ten worst types of models to photograph.