“A Sharper Scaling” is a Free Photoshop Alternative for Upscaling Photos & Enhancing Quality

Now that most of us are shooting with high-resolution cameras, the need to upscale our image files isn’t as pervasive as it was a few years ago. But occasionally we still need to res-up an image that’s been cropped significantly, and there’s a freeware program that’s designed to do that and more.

“A Sharper Scaling” was designed by Steffen Gerlach to enable Windows users to enlarge image files and enhance certain geometric post-processing transformations in a way that sacrifices less image resolution that Photoshop’s Preserve Details approach.

Gerlach’s website provides examples comparing the results of A Sharper Scaling to those achieved by conventional methods like Bicubic Interpolation used by most image-editing programs, and by Preserve Details introduced by Adobe with their 2013 Photoshop CC update.

You can view the results of scaling using these methods at 150%, 200%, 250% and 300% on the A Sharper Scaling website and judge for yourself.

An added benefit of A Sharper Scaling, says Gerlach, is the program’s ability to enhance the quality of post-processing geometric transformations like rotation, perspective correction, and other lens corrections. You can read compete details and grab the free download on his website.