When “Good” Isn’t Enough: Use Photoshop to Turn a Decent Landscape Photo Into a Masterpiece (VIDEO)

Anyone who has looked through the viewfinder at a spectacular landscape knows it’s pretty difficult to not get a decent shot. But when “good” simply isn’t enough, it’s time to employ some skillful editing to make your images as great as the scene you remember.

In the video below from image-editing expert Peter McKinnon you’ll learn the type of techniques pros use to achieve epic results with enhancements in Photoshop and Lightroom. And fear not: This isn’t an overly advanced tutorial. Rather, it’s designed for helping those with rudimentary editing knowledge really improve their work.

McKinnon covers a lot of ground, explaining why you shouldn’t be too quick to reject images when first examining your thumbnails. He then demonstrates how to employ a variety of techniques to improve color and sharpness, introduce a bit of motion blur when appropriate, and even add or remove objects from your photograph.

You can find more videos from McKinnon on his YouTube channel, and be sure to read our recent article with great shooting tips for making better landscape photographs.