Watch an Amateur vs a Pro Photographer in a Portrait Challenge in Tokyo. Who Did Better?

It's always fun to see amateur photographers take on pro photographers in YouTube challenges and it's even better when it's the always entertaining Jessica Kobeissi representing the pros. In Kobeissi's video below titled Amateur vs Pro Photographer, she goes against model Georgia Arisa for a lighthearted portrait challenge in the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Sounds like fun, right? It is!

"I really want to showcase the different perspectives of photography, from someone who is just starting out in photography versus someone who's a little bit more experienced and has been doing it for a little bit longer," Kobeissi says. "So, this is really just for fun."

Watch the portrait challenge below, which includes several different models and locations throughout Tokyo, and let us know who you think did better. Obviously, the pro photographer has a huge advantage but (spoiler alert!), the amateur does surprisingly well too.

And then go visit Kobeissi's YouTube channel for more fun video challenges and photography tutorials.