The Top 5 Most Underrated Camera Features

A week ago, we shared a somewhat controversial video where photographer Mattias Burling shared what he considers the “Top 5 Overrated Camera Features.” Now he’s followed that opinionated piece up with another video that goes in the opposite direction: “The Top 5 Underrated Camera Features.”

“In this video I list features that people don’t seem to talk much about, if at all,” Burling says. “Features that aren't by any means a deal breaker, but still makes me a little extra excited when it’s included in a camera. Some are very common and almost taken for granted, others more obscure.”

Again, this video, like the last one, is just Burling’s opinion, but we thought he’s made some very interesting choices for what he deems to be the most important camera features. Here they are:

#1 Auto ISO

#2 Color Science

#3 Top Display

#4 Built-in Memory

#5 Global Shutter

Check out the video and then go visit and subscribe to Burling’s awesome YouTube channel for all kinds of camera-related topics. And don’t forget to watch his video from last week with his choices for the most overrated camera features.