These Are the 3 Biggest MYTHS in Photography

Not all the "truisms" you hear about photography are actually true. In fact, many of these axioms are really just myths that you should either ignore or take with a grain of salt.

In the below video Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography exposes what he calls the "biggest myths in photography."

"Today we look at three of the biggest myths in photography and turn them into something more meaningful and valuable," Karnacz says.

"Part of the appeal of photography is it provides and demand this weird mix of practical, theoretical, and artistic knowledge. What I often find though is people will often trust and believe the first thing they hear even if it's wrong. There's loads of people in photography telling us what camera to use, what modes you have to shoot in and even sometimes what you are even allowed to shoot."

Myth #1: The Eye (Is it a God given talent?)

"Often when we hear someone discussing a great photographer it's only a matter of time before someone says, 'Yeah, they've just got the eye.' I think it gets said to protect the ego a little bit. Like that person is so good, their pictures are so stunning then it must be due to their God given talent that I'm not blessed with."

Myth #2: It's Easy (This is a Sunday morning shirt)

"One of the things that frustrates me deeply is when people say that photography is easy because ultimately, I think this undermines it as the intricate and interesting artform that we all know and love. If we believe it's easy, then by definition everyone is immediately brilliant at it with almost no effort and I hope we can all agree that this is not the case."

Myth #3: It's Boring (Sometimes this can be true!)

"Many people have the impression that photography is boring. And to be fair, it's understandable, at times, after you've listened to enough grumpy people talk through their nose about hyperfocal distance and the dangers of parallax shift. The technical aspects of photography get very boring, very quickly. But we all know photography is not boring."