These Are the Top 5 Overrated Camera Features: Do You Really "Need" These Tools?

Cameras, these days, are so packed with features you'd need a guide book to figure them all out. And wouldn't you know it, more and more camera manufacturers have stopped including paper guide books with their cameras lately, so there are probably some features you've already given up on.

In the below video, Mattias Burling tells you which camera features he thinks it's ok to give up on. In fact, he calls these the "top 5 overrated camera features."

"I can't tell you how many people have contacted me because they can't settle on a camera," Burling says. "All because the online spec hunters have convinced them that some minor feature is an absolute must and that a camera without it is useless. When in fact, there are no bad cameras being made. They are all mind-blowingly good."

The below list of Burling's five overrated features are, in fact, what many photographers consider "must have" items when they're shopping for a camera. And while Burling thinks they're "nice," they're really not "deal breakers," in his opinion. "Photographers have gotten along fine without them for years," he says.

#1 Resolution

#2 In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS)

#3 Electronic Viewfinders

#4 Number of System Lenses

#5 Dual Card Slots

Check out the video below where Burling explains his opinions and then go visit his YouTube channel for more great gear videos.