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I don't believe there are any accidents in life. My friend from Seattle came to visit me several months ago. He wanted to catch up and go take pictures with me. After an uneventful afternoon, we decided to get something to eat and ran across a war protest in downtown Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, I left my camera in my car several blocks away. I ran to the car, snatched my gear and ran back. When I returned I found most of the protesters gone on a march. I rested up a little and started taking some snapshots to warm up. Then the protesters started filtering back in.

I then saw a young girl feeding the birds. She didn't seem to care about the banners, the police, or any of the chanting. She simply wanted to feed the birds. This little girl was at peace with the world. She understood what was going on around her, but at that moment the simplest of pleasures were more important. Peace was defined as "playing with the birds."

As I began shooting I was unaware of what film I was using. I was unaware I had a red filter on my lens. I was attentive of my camera's internal meter, but mostly just out of habit. You see for me at that moment, my peace was defined as "a little girl enjoying the birds."
--Joshua J. Pate-Terry
Portland, Oregon

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