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A Fond Remembrance…

While traveling in northern Oregon on a hot summer day in 1987, I came upon an old, mostly abandoned community called Flora. It had very few die-hard residents left. On a neglected section of property, with waist-high grass, I spotted an old abandoned car I wanted to photograph. I decided to stop and ask permission at a shabby house nearby. An elderly lady in a sunhat appeared at the door before I could knock. She invited me in--it was cool inside. She immediately started rambling on about her favorite cat, as if I were a visiting neighbor. While she was fussing with it, she suddenly changed the subject to politics and started reciting a letter she recently wrote to her congressman about an issue she felt passionate about. I glanced around her home filled with character and memorabilia and spotted some geraniums growing up a windowpane behind some lace curtains. While she continued talking, I quickly guessed at shutter and aperture settings and took several photographs. In '88 with this photograph I was awarded second place in the "Oregon Salon of Photography" sponsored by the Oregon State Fair. I will always remember my visit to the home of Zella Weatherman.
--Steven D. Strean
Salem, OR

© 2005, Steven D. Strean, All Rights Reserved

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