Student Union - Sherry Hausner

Photos © 2001, Sherry Hausner, All Rights Reserved

Blue Mountain
Community College
Pendleton, Oregon

Change of Plans
"I started out in the business program, but then got involved in photography and decided I loved that so much more," says Sherry Hausner, who is in her second year at Blue Mountain, a two-year community college. She always enjoyed photography, but didn't think of it seriously as a career possibility until college.

Next up is compiling a stock portfolio to present to an agency, although she's not exactly sure of the direction of that portfolio. She shoots nature and landscape images as well as portraits and black and white. The images you see here are examples of the black and white personal work she likes to do.

Sherry Hausner was recommended to us by Gregg Berlie, an instructor at Blue Mountain Community College.

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