Student Union - Kris Lyon

Kris Lyon
Days Creek Charter School

Kris, who is 16, has been taking pictures for seven years. His interest in photography coincides with a photography club for 4-H that he suggested to his mother, and which she started. He's largely self-taught, though he has taken online courses and one of his teachers is currently helping him in a "self-guided course," using two college texts--"one on [photography] history and one technical," Kris says.

He has also been teaching photography. "I've done some workshops for local kids and one statewide 4-H Leaders Forum."

Kris hopes to study photography in college. His plan at the moment is to become a photojournalist and to combine his photography with writing. He appears to be off to a good start, as his images certainly demonstrate a storyteller's sensibility.

All Photos © 2007, Kris Lyon, All Rights Reserved

The photos here are something different, though. They are the result of a trip last spring to Uruguay, where he visited family. "I made a little book of the photos and posted it to's not a photo essay, but just a look at two towns, Montevideo and Colonia, and my family."

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