Student Union - Ken Vanderford

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Northwest College
Powell, Wyoming


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Home Work
Ken is in his second semester of the commercial photography program at the college, which is a semester longer than he'd originally planned. "I came here thinking I'd take one semester just to learn more about photography, but after being exposed to the level of education here, I decided to stay." At this point photography is a means of self-expression for him, and although he knows he wants to stay with it, he's not sure of the specific field or discipline.

The images here were among those Ken made for his introductory course's final portfolio project. "I made them at home, at night, with all the lights out except for a Wal-Mart shop light," he says, adding, "The program here is designed to leave a lot to the creativity of the individual student."

Ken Vanderford was recommended by J.L. Wooden, a photography instructor at Northwest College.

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