Student Union - Joe Morahan

Joe Morahan
Brooks Institute Of Photography
Santa Barbara, California

Kick Start
Joe Morahan graduated from Brooks in December, 2005, with a degree in industrial photography. Currently working as an assistant photographer for the bodybuilding publication Iron Man, his long-term goal is free-lance advertising photography for sports gear manufacturers and outfitters, specifically location action images that highlight the gear in use by athletes.

"I was playing sports from the time I could walk," Joe says. "Skiing, basketball, baseball--you name it, I played it." When he took up photography in high school it was natural to combine his two interests. "As my father said, `If you find a job that you love, you'll never work one day of your entire life.'"

In his pictures he tries to capture his feelings as an athlete. "When I step onto the field, I forget about everything else.

The photos are trying to show my mood when I'm out there playing the game."

Joe may have graduated from school, but he knows the learning is far from over. "The more you think you know about the art and science of capturing a compelling image, the more you realize you have to learn."

Joe Morahan was recommended by Carla White, a consultant to Brooks Institute of Photography.

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