Student Union - Jessica Schrom

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Minnesota State
University Moorhead
Moorhead, Minnesota

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Jessica is a senior, majoring in art with a concentration in photography.

The Program
"The art photography program is concerned with creativity and esthetics, but it covers all the technical aspects before the creative work begins. The mass communication photo department deals with commercial and documentary photography."

"Photography is something I have to do, it's one of my great loves, but I have other interests that are important to me as well. After graduation I plan to work in the area of environmental issues, but will also do photography. It will be something I will always be doing even if not as a career."

"I really enjoy Nan Goldin's work, and the way it's transformed over the years, and her idea that you don't need to have just a simple photo, you can create a slide show with music, you can incorporate many different things beside the straight photograph. Also the work of Arnold Newman and Sally Mann."

"All the photos are of me. My professor compared me to Cindy Sherman, but I'd done five pieces before I heard of her. I like to use myself in my work for most of the same reasons she has. I find it easier with myself as the model, and at the same time I enjoy transforming myself."

"What I'm trying to deal with are stereotypes, mostly of women-the way society views women, the way they are portrayed. In one photograph I can have several different stereotypes working at once."

Jessica Schrom was recommended to us by Donald S. Clark, assistant professor of Art/Photography at Moorhead.

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