Student Union - Christine Demeritte

Christine Demeritte
Spéos Paris Photographic Institute
Paris, France

The photographs here are from Christine's advertising portfolio, which is geared toward high-end agencies and based, she says, "solely upon my imagination and where I would draw that line between reality and fantasy."

Most of Christine's work is a blend of intuition and planning. "I could be sitting at my desk in school, washing the dishes, or just walking home, and an idea pops into my head. I plan it out, sketching, thinking of the type of models I want...I also sketch in detail my lighting. I tend to see [the] end result before finishing a project, which makes it so exciting to see the final results printed."

Christine's goal is to be a professional photographist--"not just a photographer, [but] one who can turn the usual fashion work into fashion art, with a bit of chemistry and magic."

All Photos © 2007, Christine Demeritte, All Rights Reserved.

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