ShareGear 2004

A new Internet-enabled, desktop-to-desktop digital media file sharing software product, called ShareGear 2004, is said to provide digital camera owners with a fast and easy way to share digital photographs and full resolution video clips of any length right from their PC.

Unlike email and other photo sharing products that push large files from the sender's computer to the recipient, ShareGear 2004 takes the opposite approach. ShareGear 2004 enables photo enthusiasts to send a secure, private invitation link that allows recipients to selectively view or download shared photos, videos, and other digital media files -- directly from the sender's computer.

Invited recipients need only a web browser to access these files; to view slideshows with soundtracks; to watch home or office movies; to listen to music; or, to selectively download the files they want. Recipients do not need to use special software or join a file sharing service.

High resolution, multi-mega pixel digital cameras and camcorders produce large files. Thus, there are enormous obstacles to share photos, slideshows, and videos with friends, family, and business colleagues. With ShareGear 2004, there are no file size limitations as with email attachments, no hassles with uploading files to online file sharing services, and no expensive and time consuming CD or DVD burning.

To share their creativity, users simply select the digital media they want to share and with whom they want to share it. ShareGear 2004 takes care of the rest by automatically creating a specially encrypted private invitation link that users deliver by email or instant message. The private link determines exactly what files the invited recipient is allowed to see.

ShareGear 2004 software runs on PCs with a minimum of a 300 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, and 100 MB free disk space. The operating system software must be Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 SP2 or higher. A high-speed cable or DSL internet connection is required.

ShareGear 2004 can be downloaded and purchased directly from the company's website at A full-featured evaluation copy of the product can be downloaded for a 10-day free trial. ShareGear 2004 can then be purchased for $69.95. In addition to an unlimited-use license, the purchase price also includes free product updates downloadable from the company's website, and use of a personalized Internet locator.