Sabio CM-4 Marketed by Backdrop Outlet

Sabio Storage has announced that its Sabio CM-4 Network Attached Storage system is being marketed by Backdrop Outlet. The Sabio CM-4 is said to provides high-capacity recoverable data storage in an easy-to-use and cost-effective package. It is simple and intuitive, so it's ideal for professional and amateur photographers who need recoverable data storage, but don't have an IT department to manage it.

The Sabio CM-4 comes with four high-performance SATA hard drives for a total of 3.0TB (3000GB), 2.0TB (2000GB), 1.6TB (1600GB) or 1.0TB (1000 GB) of data, priced at $2,999, $1,999, $1,599 and $949 respectively. The Sabio CM-4 may be purchased at

The Sabio CM-4 ensures that data is recoverable. The system uses hard disk drives and can be set in a RAID configuration, which allows the data to be recovered in case of a disk failure. As a result, a heightened level of data security is now available for photographers who need to ensure their photos are other data is secure.

The physical unit is also easy to use; it features two color LED indicators that display functionality and hard drive status whether the door is opened or closed. The hard drives are hot-swappable and securely mounted onto easily removable drive trays. Internal components are kept secure, yet are easily accessible for upgrades and servicing.

The storage system comes with system recovery software that can be set to different levels of customization for Microsoft Windows environments. The software can be set according to customer needs to restore settings, preferences and files in the event of a data or system issue.

The Sabio CM-4 is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. The device can be connected to a network using a fast Gigabit Ethernet connection and has two USB 2.0 ports for additional external storage or for configuration. The compact Sabio CM-4 measures: 10.2" (H) x 6.8" (W) x 11.4" (D) and weighs approximately 20 pounds.