Retro Modern Fun: Lumenati CS1 Turns Your iPhone Into a Super 8-Style Cinema Camera

The Lumenati CS1 is a lightweight, ergonomically designed device measuring 6x7x3-inches that transforms your iPhone 6 (or 6s) into a Super 8-style camera. Simply put your smartphone into the Lumenati CS1 (the way you would have loaded film in a Super 8 camera) and start recording video.

The cold shoe mount on the Lumenati CS1 allows you to attach lights, microphones or extra handles. It allows for real-time viewing and the lenses can be easily swapped to shoot wide-angle, fisheye or telephoto and the app lets you control the exposure, FPS and focus and add filters.

The Lumenati CS1 is currently a Kickstarter project but very close to meeting its goal. Here are a few photos from its Kickstarter page to give you an idea of how the product looks and works.


The Lumenati CS1 uses an optical-quality glass lens system. Lenses for the Lumenati CS1 range from wide angle to telephoto. The lenses are designed for high resolution HD cameras. They use a standard 58mm interchangeable mounting system.

More info on the Lumenati CS1 here. Check out the Kickstarter demo video below to see the device in action.