Photographer's Lens Hood Falls Onto Ice & Gets Mistaken For Hockey Puck During Game (VIDEO)

This one ranks pretty high on our unofficial list of photo equipment mishaps, mistakes and minor disasters.

The brief (a little over half a minute long) video below, presented by ieProSports, documents this humorous, and very honest, mistake. In the middle of an action packed hockey game featuring the Ontario Reign of the AHL, a photographer (positioned comfortably close to the action) loses his lens hood when it falls onto the ice and becomes part of the game, since the lens hood closely resembles the puck.

The lens hood's presence on the ice sparks some confusion (and a touch of anger) among the players and the fans alike. Perplexed as to which one is the real puck, the referees pause the game to solve the dilemma and finally return the lost gear to its rightful (and a bit embarrased) owner. 

(Via ISO 1200)