New Kodak Films

Eastman Kodak Company has announced enhancements to its consumer and professional film portfolios. Kodak unveiled a number of emulsion improvements to KODAK MAX Versatility 400-speed film, adding more flexibility for clearer, sharper pictures in underexposed situations, such as low-light and extended flash range conditions. KODAK MAX Versatility film is said to provide the best skin tone reproduction, fastest speed, widest latitude, and unsurpassed sharpness and color. The suggested retail price for Kodak MAX Versatility 400 Film is US$8.99 - US$9.99 MSRP for a four-pack, varying by retailer. This film will begin to ship in the second quarter of 2005.

Enhanced KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA film features an improved surface coating technology that delivers increased performance with KODAK DIGITAL ICE technology and improved scanning with specular light. The new overcoat technology maintains the excellent scratch resistance of PORTRA films. This improvement applies to 120/220 (medium format) and sheet format films across the entire PORTRA film family, including 160 and 400-speed NC (natural color) and VC (vivid color) PORTRA films.

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My friend wants to collect these. I wonder how much this thing costs. - Marla Ahlgrimm