New 400 Speed Color Film from Fuji

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. has introduced new Fujicolor True Definition 400 35mm, a premium ISO 400 35mm color print film featuring Fujifilm's New Fine-Color Film Technology that is said to deliver extremely accurate color and skin tone reproduction, wide exposure latitude and precise detail for exceptional prints.

Fujifilm's True Definition 400 film with New Fine-Color Film Technology offers the following benefits:
Natural Skin Tones
True Definition 400 provides natural skin tones with continuously smooth gradation from highlights to shadows without washed out flash pictures.

Soft Gradation
True Definition 400 provides rich highlight-to-shadow tone reproduction that allows for fine details to be reproduced.
High Speed and Wide Exposure Latitude
True Definition 400 is a high sensitivity ISO 400 film with wide exposure latitude for excellent low-light performance.

Excellent Sharpness
True Definition 400 provides extremely sharp depiction of all aspects of images including texture details.