Michael Muller’s Badass New Photo Book on Sharks Comes Wrapped in Its Own Shark Cage

Michael Muller’s fantastic photos of sharks are so realistic they look like they're going to jump off the page (or screen) and gobble you up. Fortunately, a limited edition version of his new shark book comes with some added protection: It’s wrapped in its own metal shark cage.

The XXL Collector’s Edition of the book, which is titled Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-to-Face with the Ocean’s Endangered Predator, ships next month from Taschen for $1,500. The jumbo-sized, caged tome is limited to 1000 copies.

Muller recently posted a photo of the book on his Instagram feed and noted, “This idea has been in my head for like 6-7 years and to see it become a reality was really rewarding."


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The regular version of the book is available for a list price of $70, though Amazon is currently selling it for $45.

We’ve featured Muller’s work on Shutterbug.com before and it’s interesting to note that when he’s not photographing sharks in their natural environment, he’s a much sought-after celebrity photographer in Hollywood.

Check out a behind the scenes video below where Muller discusses what it’s like to capture these seemingly disparate worlds. In both cases he uses a massive Phase One medium format camera rig, which is something we might expect for celebrity portraits but not, necessarily, for underwater action shots of fast-moving sharks.

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