Lyson Bulk Feed Delivery System for Epson Photo R800

Lyson, Inc. has introduced the first bulk feed ink delivery system for the Epson Photo R800 printer. This new system is one of several bulk feeds being featured by Lyson. Highly popular among avid amateur photographers, the Photo R800 is an advanced Micro Piezo pigment ink jet, optimized for photo printing. By having access to bulk-enabled inksets for the printer, Lyson claims that photographers can save upwards of 70% on ink costs versus cartridges, speed workflow processing and eliminate the time and hassle involved in changing cartridges. The company claims that their Cave Paint pigmented inks provide unparalleled life with a wider color gamut. The bulk feed system for the R800 comes with a complete set of Cave Paint including gloss optimizer and retails for $499.00.

For more information on the new bulk feed attachment with Cave Paint and gloss optimizer for the Epson Photo R800, visit

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This is interesting. I want to buy this one. The quality of the photos are really good. - Marla Ahlgrimm