LumiQuest Flash Modifier Mini Kit

The LumiQuest Mini Kit is the newest Kit from LumiQuest.

They’ve developed a small compact Kit that is perfect for the photographer who uses their pop-up flash as well as an off-camera flash.

The LumiQuest Mini Kit includes a Soft Screen, a camera mounted flash diffuser that softens the harsh light emitted from digital SLR pop-up flash, and a Mini SoftBox, which diffuses light with the flash in the direct flash position and enlarges the light source 4-5 times the size of the flash head itself. Unobtrusive and low profile, it is ideal for press and other fast moving situations. Also included is an UltraStrap, said to be the most secure, non-adhesive flash attachment mounting strap available. All items in the kit fit into a mini pouch for easy carrying.

The components of the LumiQuest Mini Kit, if sold individually, would be $54.85, but the Kit retails for $40.95.

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That model is ideal for press and other fast moving situations.
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