How to Use One of the Most Important & Most Powerful Tools in Photoshop: Curves (VIDEO)

Not too long ago we featured a helpful and easy-to-understand video from Nathaniel Dodson, aka Tutvid, on what he has called the most powerful and most important feature in all of Photoshop: the Curves adjustment tool.

That video was a hit with Shutterbug’s readers and, interestingly enough, Dodson just released yet another video on Curves to further explain the feature. (We’re getting the impression he kind of like Curves, right?)

In the tutorial below, Dodson covers all the basics of Curves including how to use Curves to adjust color and white balance, and “how to actually know what you’re doing when it comes to using Curves in Photoshop.”

“Whether you’re a beginner or advanced at using this adjustment, there is surely something new to learn here,” Dodson says.

Watch his previous video on Curves here and see more of his great Photoshop tutorials on Tutvid’s YouTube page.

Via ISO 1200