Here's How to MASTER the All-Important HSL Panel in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Mango Street has been sharing a great series of free Lightroom tutorials on their YouTube channel and their latest video explains how to use the extremely handy HSL panel. Watch it below where Daniel Inskeep of Mango Street "breaks down the HSL panel and Lightroom and how to use it to achieve the look you want."

"If you've never known where to start with all these freakin' sliders I'll break it down for you in this video," Inskeep says.

After first presenting and an overview of the panel itself, Inskeep then dives deep into everything the HSL tool can do to help you edit your photos so they look gorgeous. And in case you were wondering what HSL stands for it's pretty simple: Hue, Saturation and Luminance.

So, in other words, the HSL panel is all about manipulating color in your photos. Watch the tutorial below and if you want some more instruction, check out this video where another photographer calls HSL the most important tool in all of Lightroom.

If you want some more general instruction on Lightroom, watch Mango Street's free masterclass. Of course, you should also visit and subscribe to their channel to get all of their awesome photography content.