Here Are Some Great Tips & Tricks for Shooting Beautiful Portraits in Bright Sunlight (VIDEO)

You could say that photographer Anita Sadowska has had a lot of fun in the sun lately. The photography tutorial below is Sadowska's third on how to shoot portraits in the non-optimal conditions of direct sunlight.

While the bright sun might feel nice on your face, it can produce harsh shadows on the subject of your portraits while washing out detail in other areas. Or in other words, photography is sometimes best seen as a "zero-sun game."

In the video, Sadowska photographs model Madeleine Andrén at a beautiful villa in Bali in a stunning but challenging setting for portraits. The tips and tricks Sadowska covers in the tutorial below include shooting in direct sunlight and photographing portraits in backlit conditions.

Check it out and be sure to also watch her two other videos on shooting in the sunlight linked below:

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And make sure you visit Sadowska's YouTube channel for tons of great content on shooting portraits and the basics of photographing swimwear. If you want to learn more about portrait photography, we recommend this video with the top 14 poses for portraits.