Here’s How to Balance Flash and Window Light for Flattering Indoor Portraits (VIDEO)

Window light is often a great source of illumination for shooting indoor portraits, but sometimes you need a bit of supplemental light to achieve perfect results. In this quick tutorial from AdoramaTV you'll learn how to balance the light from a simple off-camera flash with that streaming in from a large window.

Mark Wallace is a nomadic photographer and educator exploring the world on his motorcycle, and in the video below he demonstrates three ways to add light to an indoor scene when shooting portraits. The goal is a flattering natural-looking image, and after watching the video you’ll be able to easily achieve that yourself.

You’ll start by shooting in aperture-priority mode, with your strobe set to high-speed sync and TTL (or E-TTL for Canon). Watch the video to learn the rest.

You can find more helpful tips on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel and see more of Wallace’s work on his website. And be sure to watch a recent tutorial we posted with a $5 solution for great outdoor portraits under difficult light.