Hasselblad Launches A5D Medium Format Aerial Camera System

Hasselblad has just launched the A5D, the company's newest medium format camera system for aerial photography. Designed to deliver high image quality and reliability, the Hasselblad A5D is available in three sensor sizes: 40, 50 and 60 megapixels. The sensor options include the CCD-based A5D-40 and A5D-60, and a CMOS- based A5D-50c .

The A5D line of cameras is designed to combine high quality optics and sensors with a compact design while providing a range of features for aerial photography

The Hasselblad A5D Aerial includes a feature that allows up to 8 cameras to be synchronized within 20 μs. A simple (bus-type) cable connection is required between all cameras in the set-up. This feature eliminates any problems in post-production caused by un-synchronized exposures.

Nine of the H System lenses are available in aerial versions with secure locking mounts to minimize any vibrations, flexing and to ensure that the image plane and sensor stay parallel. These units ship with focus fixed at infinity and firmware to close the shutter and aperture to their working positions when power is applied to the camera.


• A reduced foot print designed to fit existing POD mountings

• Up to 14 stops Dynamic range (depending on the sensor)

• Improved external connectivity via LEMO connections for DC power

• FMS and multiple camera synchronization

• Secure camera mounting via 4x M4 screws

• Choice of On-board CF storage or external storage via a Firewire 800 connection

• Phocus SDK by Hasselblad

For the development of user specific software Hasselblad offers a complete Software Developers Kit (SDK) that provides full control of camera and image processing from the users software. To quickly start using the A5D aerial cameras for photography there is a PC application that can capture/store Raw files from the camera.

The A5D camera is available with or without an Infra-Red filter to allow infrared captures from 750nm to 1000nm. Pricing has not been announced yet.

More info on the Hasselblad A5D here.