Flash Photography Is Easier Than You Think: This Simple Primer Shows You How (VIDEO)

There are two important facts about flash photography that everyone should understand: The first is that a simple external flash mounted atop a camera (or used remotely for even better results), can make a huge difference in photographs when shooting indoors or out. Number two is that the use of an accessory flash is much easier than most photographers think.

This helpful tutorial from photographer Christian Tudor of the Academy of Photography, will allay your fears and help you master flash photography in just 17 minutes. You’ll quickly become comfortable with Tudor’s simple techniques, and be able to put light exactly where you need it to create more compelling images.

Tudor begins with a discussion of the types of flash units available, and explains why a camera’s tiny pop-up unit is far less powerful, versatile, and effective, than an accessory flash purchased separately. Whether you mount an external flash on your camera’s hot shoe, or use it off camera and fire it remotely, this simple accessory is invaluable for illuminating dim indoor scenes, adding a bit of sparkle to the eyes of portrait subjects, and filling in shadows outdoors.

Tudor explains the various camera and flash modes to use, the best flash settings for different types of images, and how to create beautiful soft illumination by rotating the flash head to bounce light off a ceiling or nearby wall. He also demonstrates how to properly position one or more off-camera flash units for professional looking results.

We guarantee that after watching this video, you’ll have a far greater appreciation for what a simple flash unit can do. So pull your flash out of the closet, and give these techniques a try.

There are more helpful tips on Tudor’s YouTube channel, and in his earlier tutorial explaining how to modify a camera’s ISO settings for better photos.