Environmental Boudoir Portraits: No More Same Old Same Old (VIDEO)

Maybe you're already a boudoir photographer and your images look like everything else out there. Or perhaps you want to get started with an easy technique that doesn't require a studio or complicated lighting setups. In either case, the video below is for you.

Instructor Sal Cincotta is a highly respected portrait and wedding photographer who's not afraid to do things differently.  He's also an adept educator known for "no-nonsense, straight to the point" tutorials. In this quick episode he explains why and how to shoot outdoor boudoir portraits with a unique look.

This lesson kicks off with something you may have thought yourself: "I am so tired of seeing the same pictures, the same scenes, and the same sets. Somebody's in a bed, somebody's laying over a couch, somebody's laying on the stairs with their rear-end up in the sky." Sound familiar?

Cincotta explains how to get out of your comfort zone and take a different approach to shoot uncommon and impressive boudoir photos that really grab attention. In less than six minutes you'll learn how to work with light, use a simple reflector when you confront both hard and soft backlight, and even how to shoot from a rooftop.

Like most pros Cincotta is motivated by pleasing clients and capturing images that sell. And as he says, "different is what sells." Even if you’re an amateur unconcerned with sales, the same concept applies for capturing stunning boudoir photos that will make you and your model proud.

While watching Cincotta's behind-the-scenes-session as he describes how to get the job done, pay close attention to how he directs the model and the poses that work best. That way you can emulate these important components of a successful shoot yourself.

Cincotta is shooting from a rooftop that's perfect for his style of pulling back for a more expansive view that tells a story by including the environment—and in this case there's a very interesting background to his scene.

He's shooting at sunset with soft backlight that's great for flattering images. Best yet for all you newbies out there, all he uses is his camera, one lens, and a simple reflector. Of course he has a pretty model for a subject, but we'll leave that one up to you.

Bottom line: If you thought a bunch of expensive lights were required to capture stunning boudoir photographs, Cincotta's stunning imagery will quickly change your mind. He has over two million subscribers on his instructional YouTube channel, so be sure to take a look.

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