Dice America Wi-Pics & Data Association

Wi-Pics is designed for anyone who shoots large volumes of images and needs to easily find them. The DICE AMERICA Wi-Pics with a USB port allows Wi-Pics users to work with hand held barcode scanners, magnetic strip readers, and later this year RFID. What makes Wi-Pics unique from other wireless cameras is its data association. Data association is the ability to rename files as they are captured and place data into the EXIF header of a JPEG file. Wi-Pics can work with virtually any digital camera with a type 2 compact flash port.

The problem Wi-Pics solves for the photographer is not just moving images from Point A to Point B, but giving them the ability to easily search and retrieve images directly after they are captured, thus increasing sales. Event shooters can use unique barcodes that they can give to their customer so they can easily find their images instead of searching web page after web page. School photographers can shoot students in any order they want. They scan the student's info, package(s) ordered and whatever else they may need to fulfill the order at the time of capture. Now everything they need is done at the time the picture is taken, streamlining the workflow for them.

For more information on the Wi-Pics wireless digital image system contact: www.diceamerica.com.