Delkin Announces Universal Pop-Up Shade

Delkin Devices is now shipping a Universal version of their popular Pop-Up Shade that enables you to see your camera's LCD screen in the sun and protect it from damage. The sturdy, lightweight covers are easily installed and protect a digital camera's expensive LCD screen. Universal Pop-Up Shades are designed to work on most digital point-and-shoot cameras and feature a two-part design that allows the shade portion to be removed, leaving the LCD guard in place.

The Universal Pop-Up Shade is available in four digital camera LCD sizes: 1.6", 1.8", 2.0", and 2.5". The 1.6" also fits digital cameras with a 1.5" LCD. These four models fit over 90% of digital point-and-shoot cameras available.

The new two-part feature, previously limited to Delkin's Professional Pop-Up Shade, makes indoor shooting more convenient. The Universal Pop-Up Shade attaches to cameras with a non-residue adhesive that permits easy removal of the entire Pop-Up Shade from the camera. The $24.99 device is widely available at most camera stores and at Delkin's website