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D-Series Metro Paks For Digital Gear Plus Laptop
Tenba's new D-Series Metro Paks are designed for photojournalists carrying extensive digital camera gear plus a laptop with a 15" or 17" screen. They protect the contents and provide quick access. An exclusive shock protection wall helps protect the laptop screen against impact. A quick access top lets you simply reach in to grab the tool you need at the moment. It's flexible and adaptable with removable padding, which converts it into a hip-hugging street-shooter's bag. Enormous bucket pockets on the sides include zippered vinyl pockets and MediaSafe pockets for all types of digital media cards. Secure, deep pockets for cables and drives are on the front. A secured, zippered section holds travel documents and notepads. A fast cover protects the top only in light showers, while a full, pullout rain cover will protect the entire Metro Pak in really harsh weather. Contact: Tenba, 8 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523; (914) 347-3300; fax: (914) 347-3309;

Complete Jewelry & Small Product Lighting Studio
The new MK Gem eBox is said to be the first complete small product photography lighting studio for small spaces and tight budgets. Lighting is provided by flicker-free fluorescent lighting while halogen spotlighting is added to enhance the brilliance on a wide variety of jewelry products and gemstones. It's intended primarily for small retail and web-based jewelers so they can easily produce accurate images of their products for use in catalogs, ads, eBay auctions, and e-mail attachments, but can be used for all sorts of collectibles as well. It has interior dimensions of 7.5x7x7" and can easily accommodate small items such as rings, watches, pendants, and gemstones while the overall exterior dimensions are just 15x10.5x7.5", making it suitable for desktop use. It works with most brands of digital cameras and has an MSRP of $495. Several larger self-contained lighting studios are also offered. Contact: MK Digital Direct via phone at: (800) 258-6230 or website at:

Simple, Moderately Priced 35mm AF Camera
The Polaroid 345 AF has a new autofocus, fully automatic 35mm camera with an MSRP of under $18, which should make it ideal both for kids and vacation uses. It has a 30mm f/7 lens, motorized film advance and rewind, auto flash, which can be canceled, and redeye reduction, all at a very reasonable price. Contact: Concord Camera Corp., 4000 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 650N, Hollywood, FL 33021; (954) 331-4200; fax: (954) 981-3055;

Rotating Accessory Flash Bracket
The FF400 FlashFrame FlashFlip H.O.T. bracket moves a hot shoe flash above the camera lens where it is centered and positioned for better lighting of portrait and general subjects. It can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions. It is usable with a wide range of film and digital cameras and shoe-type flash units. An offset platform base offers clearance for any size hand and it rotates in the opposite direction to make vertical shots easier. Made of lightweight aluminum, it has a foam comfort grip, a locking shoe, and the fully loaded bracket can be mounted onto a tripod. The MSRP is $80. Contact: OmegaSatter, 1041 S. Carroll St., Hampstead, MD 21074; (800) 777-6634, (410) 374-3250; fax: (410) 374-3184;