14 Great Travel Photo Tips & Tricks (VIDEO)

©Ray Demski

COOPH (The Cooperative of Photography) recently partnered with photographer Ray Demski to create a video that highlights 14 smart and practical travel photo tips and tricks. The video, which is embedded below, was shot in beautiful Venice, Italy and features tips to make your photo adventure much easier, safer and more fun.

The information includes theft and loss protection, what to pack, a handy camera strap idea, using the equipment you already have with you for multiple purposes, removing other tourists from your shots and more. (The gear used in the video includes a climbing sling, a G-Technology hard drive, a Nikon D800, a Fujifilm Polaroid & Impossible Polaroid Film, a GoPro Hero 3 camera and a Manfrotto tripod.)

COOPH is widely known for its unique selection of photography themed graphic Tees (that feature a handy lens cap pocket), hats, hoodies and more. For more information on COOPH clothes please read our story COOPH Intros Cool New T-Shirt Collection For Photographers.

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