BOUDOIR Photos in the Snow? Here’s How (VIDEO)

Every so often we stumble on a unique approach to boudoir photography, and the tutorial below sure fits the bill. Namely, how to shoot flattering photos in the snow while keeping your model comfortable.

In the quick tutorial below from young photographer Caleb Thomas you’ll learn three simple tips for making unique outdoor winter boudoir photos without your subject freezing her ASA off.

Thomas is a boudoir photographer who loves shooting outdoors, which can be very challenging for him and his subject in cold weather. He lives in Bend, Oregon where it’s snowy at least five months of the year, so he has plenty of experience with this kind of shooting.

Thomas says, “I take empowering photos of amazing people in beautiful places.” In cold weather that means paying close attention to the model as well as making beautiful images—even when there’s several feet of snow on the ground. You may ask yourself if this challenge is worth it, and Thomas says, “definitely yes.”

In this behind-the-scenes episode Thomas demonstrates what he does to keep a subject comfortable, warm, and safe during a snow shoot. To make pleasing true-to-life images it’s important to avoid runny noses or red faces.

Tip number one is what Thomas calls, “preplan, warm up, and go shoot.” He drives as close as possible to a location, then jumps out, sets up his gear, and ponders composition while his model gets dressed in the warm car. He even makes a well-packed path so she doesn’t have to trudge through deep snow when the photography begins.

The second tip involves the creative use of colorful blankets. These not only keep the model warm between frames, but can augment her wardrobe and add an interesting splash of vibrance to an otherwise flat scene.

Throughout the shoot Thomas checks in with his model to make sure she feels OK, and they both occasionally head back to the car to get warm. As he explains, he once agreed to do a cold-weather sunrise shoot, and his model felt fine—until she didn’t.

You can learn more about outdoor boudoir on Thomas’ YouTube channel, so be sure to take a look. And speaking of unique photography this time of year, check out the tutorial we posted explaining how to shoot amazing winter macro photos.