The BEST Settings for Exporting Photos to Instagram (VIDEO)

Photographers of all skill levels are using Instagram these days to showcase their work, and some pros even use this platform as an online portfolio. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, there are few things you need to know.

In the video below, Nigerian portrait pro Prince Meyson reveals what he says are the “best export settings for Instagram,” and he walks you through the simple process from beginning to end in barely five minutes.

Meyson explains that there are two schools of thought when configuring images for Instagram. One method is to export your images “spot on,” while the other is to let Instagram handle the compression.  You’ll see why the option he chooses is different from what you might expect.

When it comes to specific settings, Meyson explains his preferences for file format, image quality, color space, sharpening, and resolution. He then moves on to a setting he says is “a bit tricky” because, once again, the option he chooses differs from conventional wisdom.

If you’re wary about emulating Meyson’s somewhat unconventional approach, all you have to do is examine the stunning imagery on his Instagram page to be convinced. While Meyson’s work consists primary of portraiture, the Instagram settings demonstrated in this video work for whatever type of photographs you shoot.

After giving this a try, take a look at another quick tutorial we posted from Meyson recently, demonstrating how to shoot amazing portrait photographs with simple, affordable gear.