7 Reasons You SHOULD Edit Your Photos

Yesterday we shared a tutorial on the perils of overediting your photos. But that doesn't mean we're against photo editing, in general. In fact, we're all for it when it's done right.

In the below video, software guru Ed Gregory of Photos In Color agrees, offering "7 Reasons You Should Edit Your Photos Today." Again, he stresses to edit your images properly where needed and not to overedit them with a heavy hand.

"Editing photos is nothing new, we've been doing it since the invention of photography," Gregory says. "Right now, we have far more editing tools and editing techniques we can use which is extremely exciting."

In the photography editing video, Ed Gregory discusses the seven reasons why everyone (not only photographers) should be editing their photos. Here they are:

#1 Part of the Creative Process

#2 Enhances the Story

#3 Editing Doesn't Have to Be Fake

#4 Cameras Built with Editing in Mind

#5 Editing Is Easier Than Ever Before

#6 Built-In Editing

#7 Follow Your Vision

Check it out below and then go visit Gregory's Photos In Color channel for more great photography videos.