7 Reasons Why Your Photos AREN'T Sharp (VIDEO)

Do your photos often look blurry and you can't figure out why? Well, there are quite a few reasons why your images aren't sharp enough and in the below video from Adorama, photographer Gavin Hoey explains seven of them.

In the tutorial, Hoey takes photos of his model, Jade, and demonstrates the seven reasons your photos, particularly portraits, might be blurry. Hoey's quick to note that that his tips are for portraits both inside a studio and outdoors, with flash or ambient light.

"With so much to do during a portrait session, you'd think getting a sharp portrait would be the easiest part of the photographic process, especially in a studio where everything is under your control," Adorama says.

"It's arguably the most fundamental requirement for a successful portrait and yet there are many reasons why it's so easy to end up with unsharp eyes and less the perfect portraits. In this video, photographer Gavin Hoey takes you through seven reasons why your portraits are not tack sharp and also passes on some tips on how to remedy some of the problems. From camera shake to overdoing the shallow depth of field, Gavin takes you through the basics of what might have gone wrong, with help for photographers who use flash, LED, or the sun as their ambient light source."

Here are the seven main sharpness mistakes that Hoey explains in the below video:

#1 Misfocusing on the Eyes

#2 Working Close to Your Maximum ISO

#3 Heavy Cropping and Resizing

#4 Camera Shake

#5 Motion Blur

#6 Mixing Flash & Ambient Light

#7 Slow Flash Duration

Watch the video and then go visit Adorama's channel for more helpful photography content.