5 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Always Make and How to Fix Them, According to Jessica Kobeissi

There have been a lot of videos lately with seasoned pro photographers sharing some of the early mistakes they made when they were beginners, and how they figured out how to do things the right way. Photographer Jessica Kobeissi, who has a popular YouTube channel, recently added her thoughts to the subject with the below video titled “photography mistakes you don’t even know you’re making.”

“I’ve done everything from baby pictures, senior pictures, engagements, weddings. I’ve worked with professional models, I’ve worked with professional modeling agencies, so I really want to share some of my personal advice on the mistakes I think a lot of people are making,” Kobeissi says.

Here are the five mistakes, which she explains in the video along with ways to do things better.

#1 Depending on Filters

#2 Not Doing the Actual Work

#3 Shooting the Same Thing Over and Over

#4 Building Your Work Around Opinions

#5 Not Planning Shoots Based on Time of Day

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