5 Easy Retouching Tricks in Photoshop You Need to Know (VIDEO)

Nathaniel Dodson, aka Tutvid, is the king of comprehensive but easy Photoshop tutorials that will help you transform dull photos into winners in an instant. In the below clip, Dodson shows you five easy retouching tips for perfecting your portraits.

"Learn to clone on a curve, viewing and zooming and editing images together, adding skin texture from nothing," Dodson says. "No more blurring when retouching hair and skin, and a cool sharpen mask in Camera RAW that helps a little bit."

The five retouching techniques Dodson shows you in the below tutorial are as follows:

#1 Clone on a Curve

#2 Comparing and Editing View Modes

#3 Adding Skin Texture

#4 No More Skin Blur When Healing Skin and Hair

#5 Sharpening Masking Trick

As usual, Dodson explains all these tips and tricks in a clear and comprehensive manner while showing you his edits on a sample image as he goes along. It's a 20-minute video but if you don't want (or don't have the time) to watch everything at once he provides a handy Video Guide in the description to the video, letting you jump from section to section.

Check it out below and then go visit Tutvid's channel for more great Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials.