The Wish List: The Pixelstick, A Fun & Creative Light Painting Tool

If you are a night owl and love the art of light painting then the Pixelstick should certainly be on your holiday wish list. The Pixelstick transforms the darkness of the night by adding a rainbow of bright LED color to your light painting photography.

With programmable LEDs, you can easily light paint any design you like from words to shapes and even patterns. Simply download an image onto an SD card and plug it into the Pixelstick's mounted controller and adjust the brightness, orientation and speed settings (as desired). Then just start the long exposure, turn on the Pixelstick and wave it in front of your camera to produce the effect.

The Pixelstick is a lightweight aluminum rod that contains 200 full color LED lights and a rotating sleeve on the handle that allows you to paint with smooth strokes. With this creative device you can capture light-graffiti or 8-bit scenes anywhere and use it with time-lapse for moving images of the light patterns. You may load and use your own images or use one of the preloaded options.

The Pixelstick comes with a padded carrying case and for $325.

More info on the Pixelstick here.