Olympus Weatherproof Macro Flash STF-8 Lets You Keep Shooting When Others Run for Cover

Olympus has unveiled the versatile weatherproof, freezeproof and dustproof Twin Flash STF-8 that will let you keep shooting macro shots in the rain when other photographers run for cover. The sophisticated unit offers full TTL capability as well as auto-sync and the ability to manually select the output power from full all the way down to 1/128.A perfect complement to the new weatherproof OM-D E-M1 Mark II and other Olympus weatherproof MFT cameras, the Twin Flash STF-8 enables you to adjust the flash ratio between the left and right heads for optimum control of highlights and shadows in your shot. For added creativity, both heads are removable—so you can position one to illuminate your subject and the other to light the background.

The Twin Flash STF-8 is also compatible with the Focus Stacking and Focus Bracketing modes on select Olympus OM-D cameras. This highly versatile tool is expected to be available in early January for a price of $480. And if you want to bone up on your macro photography skills, be sure to check out our recent tutorial for taking striking close-ups.